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Part-Time & Full Time BCBA Opportunities

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

As a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), you will play a pivotal role in transforming lives through the application of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles. You will be responsible for conducting assessments, developing individualized behavior intervention plans, and implementing evidence-based interventions to support individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Collaborating closely with clients, families, and a dedicated team of professionals, including Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), you will oversee and work closely with them to ensure the effective implementation of behavioral strategies. Additionally, you will lead in-depth behavioral analyses, collect, and analyze data, and continuously evaluate progress to ensure the most effective and compassionate care. Your expertise and commitment will empower individuals to reach their full potential and foster positive behavioral changes, making a profound impact on their lives and the communities they are a part of. Join us in making a difference and creating brighter futures for those we serve as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst.

Job Responsibilities

  • Demonstrates proficiency in collecting and analyzing data and making data-based decisions to promote socially significant change.

  • Provides modeling and training to staff on working with individuals who engage in interfering behaviors. 

  • Works collaboratively to promote positive and least restrictive methodologies by focusing on up-to-date research and strategies. 

  • Conducts, writes, and analyzes comprehensive functional behavior assessments and behavior intervention plans.

  • Identifies patient skill deficits that require targeting for increase through the use of standardized assessment tools to increase skills, including functional communication, self-help (ADLS) pre-vocational, vocational training, and social skills. 

  • Develops strong collaborative relationships which foster training for caregivers and staff as well as other providers as necessary to ensure effective techniques across all environments promoting progress and generalization. 

  • Monitors progress and evaluates treatment effectiveness regularly.

  • Strives to maintain high rates of progress and proactively seeks out clinical support when there is stagnation. 

  • Identifies behavior goals and intervention techniques utilizing non-aversive behavior change methods first and foremost. 

  • Strives to select interventions and strategies according to the needs, desires, strengths, and abilities of the individual.

  • Completes initial, reassessments, as well as progress reports and required paperwork within the established company timeframes.

  • Participates in group and individual supervision as necessary for job responsibilities.

  • Participates readily in coordination of care with clients’ providers to ensure appropriate collaboration and generalization, which includes attending and actively engaging in care team meetings.

  • In the absence of a direct care staff, is willing to provide services directly with clients and caregivers.

Job Requirements

  • Experience providing ABA services in a home-based program is most desirable.

  • Availability for a schedule that consists of after-school/evening hours.

  • Passionate about working collaboratively with others as part of a multi-disciplinary team to provide high quality, evidence-based behavior analytic services.

  • Interested and actively willing to invest in challenging self and others to grow professionally and clinically and to ensure best practices.

  • Puts focus on supporting and training direct care staff and caregivers in their implementation and understanding of behavior analytic programming and strategies. 

  • Enjoys working directly with individuals served and using the behavior skills training model when working with caregivers and staff.

  • Makes true personal connections… Excellent interpersonal / social skills, able to connect easily and quickly with people.


  1. Requires Master's Degree in applied behavior analysis, special education, psychology or related discipline.

  2. Licensure:  Current Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), as certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) and LABA licensure in good standing with the Massachusetts state regulatory board. Working Hours & Location.

Locations & Hours

Home, Community, School, as well as centers in the future; Greater Boston & Surrounding area’s


Company Overview


Are you ready to be part of a transformational journey with Next Level ABA? We believe in the incredible power of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to empower our clients, helping them unleash their full potential and lead truly fulfilling lives.

As an essential member of our team, you will play a crucial role in delivering comprehensive and evidence-based interventions that make a lasting impact. Surround yourself with a group of highly skilled and compassionate professionals who are dedicated to making a positive difference every day.

At Next Level ABA, collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Together, we work closely with families, schools, and communities to tailor individualized programs, ensuring each client receives the personalized support they need.

We value your dedication and commitment to making a difference. As part of our team, you'll have access to abundant opportunities for professional and personal development. From ongoing training and mentorship to valuable resources, we invest in your growth, ensuring you thrive both personally and professionally.

This isn't just a job; it's a fulfilling career that allows you to align your passion with your profession. Your skills, compassion, and innovation will be cherished and celebrated here at Next Level ABA.

Join us in creating something extraordinary together. Let's elevate our commitment to the next level and shape a brighter future for those we serve. Embrace the power of ABA and be part of an exceptional team at Next Level ABA!


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